Callaway Apex

tuotteet / Hybridit

Golf Digest Hot List -kultamitalisti 2019


  • 2H-18 degrees, 3H-20 degrees, 4H-22 degrees, 5H-24 degrees
-10% 260.1 € (sh. 289 €)

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  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Look / sound / feel
  • Demand

The Verdict:

Don’t let the compact shape fool you. This hybrid has plenty of ball-speed technology, such as the high-strength steel face that wraps around the perimeter to increase flexibility over a larger area. Plus, the company’s “jailbreak” technology has two internal bars that join the crown and sole to support even more face flexing. Still, this hybrid allows better players to shape shots with a flatter trajectory and a mid-level spin to hold greens.

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