Taylor Made M6 / M6 D-Type

tuotteet / Driverit

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Golf Digest Hot List -kultamitalisti 2019


  • 9, 10.5, 12

Both adjustable +/- 2 degrees.

-10% 476.1 € (sh. 529 €)

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Tähdellä merkityt kentät ovat pakollisia.
  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Look / sound / feel
  • Demand

The Verdict:

Instead of extra adjustability, some of us just want maximum forgiveness. In place of sliding weights, large panels of carbon composite fill the sole. They flank a weighted center section, allowing mass to be placed low and deep on the standard model. There’s also a D-Type with 46 grams in the heel area to beat back a slice. And the face? Like the M5, the twisted-face shape helps minimize mis-hits. TaylorMade also starts with an extra-fast (nonconforming) face. Then, the head is injected with resin to bring the speed back under the limit. This intense manufacturing process aims to push every TaylorMade face closer to the edge than the norm.

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